To Have Played Lego Star Wars Or Lego Indiana Jones At least Once.
Omg That Guy Is Such An Epic Gamer, Hes So Hot. He Doesn't Have A Job And Plays Lego Star Wars All Day.
by Kind Plays February 17, 2020
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this man gets all the puss because how epic he is while he plays games. Most epic gamers play play fortnite for pubg
I want John's dick so bad, he is such an epic gamer
by Epicgamer69 May 19, 2018
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A gamer that has played, fortkike,apex leg, mencraft, and LEGO star wars
“Me and Joe are epic gamers bitch back away mortal scum I hold the world record time killing the ender dragon”
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an epic gamer is someone who games 24/7. Wake up, game ufeel.
flavy plays rust 24/7 cause he’s an epic gamer.
joe and oel play fortnite all the time cause they real epic gamers.
by non epic gamer ylime May 09, 2018
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An epic gamer is someone who is very excellent at video games.

This applies for games such as minecraft, roblox, or fortnite. the most unepic gamers are the people who play pubg
"i saw you slay that roblox chick you are such an epic gamer"
"you just got a victory royale??? now thats an epic gamer moment"
by ThatOneSponk October 25, 2018
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a gamer who is overloaded with epicness, he gets all the pusspuss and can solve every problem presently faced by humanity in a single fortnite game.
"yo dude, did you hear how johann just stopped world hunger in 5 minutes?"
"woah dude, he's such an epic gamer"
by russianhackerman1991 January 17, 2019
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