Picture this: You have finally perished; Your organs have all been removed and sorted in front of you in alphabetical order, as your vision fades to black, you start to feel free and all senses stop; there is nothing, you are nowhere, you are no one. Suddenly you are abruptly awakened from your lack of existence, and even though all of your senses are gone, you know, you see and you feel bright colourful lights. The beams of light sear through you, all senses return, but the only thing you feel is pain. Pain immeasurable beyond belief and your retinas are burned by something. As you relive all of the pain from your existence, you see in front of you Sony Product Placement There they are, right in front of you, grinning their awkward gaping mouths in amusement of your suffering; advertisements for mobile apps are shoved down your throat. You beg for the suffering to end, you try to flee and end up running in the same direction of the plot. Candy crush catches you unawares in your desperate to escape the endless torture and it smites you down with the power of several major corporations. Then there is noise. there will never be peace for you here. The twitter bird lifts you above all the madness in its talons; you see the end, you reach, but the talons are released and you fall. Your empty, meaningless and cold shell of a being is crushed upon the ground and all fades to black once more. You awake, Goofy is comparing your pharynx and your larynx, you smile, you feel revealed.
Goofy: hyuck, hyuck, (sharpens knife)
Person who watched the emoji movie: This makes me feel better than watching the emoji movie.
by โญ December 08, 2019
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Probably the worst film in the world.
Thats why i want to watch it.
Its like watching a hour long ad.
The Emoji Movie is the best advertisement ever.
by Oliver Macdonald July 29, 2017
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The reason God himself, never descends from heaven to greet humanity.
The emoji movie is a masterpiece ~some lil white girl 2017
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by Dilmun October 17, 2017
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a movie not appropriate for any ages
Friend: "Let's go see the emoji movie!"
Me: No. thats cancer you degenerate
by alilboi February 18, 2018
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One of the most cancerous things in the world and the biggest waste of time and money and some may consider to be a waste of space too.
After watching The Emoji Movie I want to kill myself.
by Minecraft player 69 420 kys September 08, 2017
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That one movie that made almost every teen on their phones by encouraging it rather than criticising. It's about emojis, apps and nothing else.
The Emoji Movie 2: Death of the Emojis in cinemas March 27th
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by Power476 July 29, 2020
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