Phrase,. a. term used for when unusually old marijuana is found and consumed in cannibus cigarette or pipe smoking.

b. referring to the age of the marijuana as being of depression-era.
"Hey man, Todd got lucky the other day and stumbled on some pot that fell in between his couch cushions. He thinks it was at least 4 months old. We totally smoked 'The Dust Bowl'."
by DoctorRobert May 25, 2009
When 30-50 people are smoking weed in a small area. Atleast 60% of the group has their own bowl. Everyone takes a hit, and they all exhale at the same time, making a cloud so condensed almost as if it is dust in the air.
Yo Brian why didn’t you tell me you were smoking tonight? I didn’t even smoke though. Why are you baked of your ass then? I went to The Dust Bowl, and I got caught standing in the middle of the circle, and the cloud was so condensed I had to leave it; the second hand smoke hit me like a truck.
by KushKosh May 27, 2018
One of the biggest conspiracy theories since 9/11, was the dust bowl a so-called "natural disaster" or was it all an inside job? Many believe the dust bowl was in fact set up by president at the time Woodrow Wilson. Wilson had all of the power and resources to create a dust bowl so the theory makes logical sense. The small portion of people who have caught on to this theory have been missing in action since their attempt to spread the theory. I am one of a few people including my colleuges who support this theory. If you ever see someone in an oversized pant suit, it is either I or one of my colleuges and we would be happy to put you on our board. Dusty for president 2k15.
Sally: I don't know Sarah, the dust bowl seemed a bit too convenient at the time.
Sarah: *trips over pants suit* yes it all makes sense. I need to get these pants tailored!
Sally: then consider yourself off the board. Oversized pant suits only.

Sarah: idc
by YungCassper28 April 9, 2015
The occasional phenomenon in which you pour some cereal out of the box, but there is only the powdery dust left at the bottom.
When I went to serve myself some cereal, I was disappointed to

find that I was left with a dust bowl.
by Set Blue 23 October 9, 2017
The act of using sand instead of lube
Julie: Frank and I tried dust bowling 3 weeks ago and I'm still pulling sand out of my ass!

Jenna: Thats gross
by lolnonameumadbro February 8, 2014
A pussy so dry that it's like the dust bowl.
I tried to fuck her but she had a dust bowl.
by Kitty Vagina July 10, 2011
When you have a girl shart in your face covering you in dusty shit particles.
Last night I had Sarah over and she gave me the nastiest Kansas Dust Bowl ever. I washed my face for 20 minutes to get it off.
by loafnaround September 7, 2020