When a man precedes to get really drunk and have sex, in a closet, with a nasty girl while another guy is also doing the same girl at the same time and they share a condom!
Kayla: OMG!! Did you hear about Alan?
Sam: No what happened?
Kayla: Well this weekend he went to Jakes party and got smashed, then he had sex with Brook* Dunn (*first name has been changed, last is still the same hense "The Dunn")in a closet WHILE Alec was doing her too!!!
Sam: OMG SICK!!!!
Kayla: Oh yeah and they shared the same condom!!!
by Ms. Kay Kay January 31, 2008
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Slang word for penis. To the ladies, anyway.
Yep, she's satisfied with The Dunn.
by Ryan Dunn October 30, 2004
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When you have already done something. Made popular by Shawty Lo in his song Dunn Dunn.
Them chickens, dunn fuck fuck em all... dunn dunn dunn dunn-Shawty Lo- Dunn Dunn
by Gozzy June 21, 2008
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being called a dunn is another word for cunt. It is very disrespectful, like all the curse words combined.
"ew she is such a dunn"
by 6/9/1969 April 09, 2010
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To kill oneself and your friend in a fury drunk car crash.
After I get out of the bar I don't want to take my brand new car and Dunn myself and my friend here; let's take a cab....
by drewniverse June 28, 2011
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