An area of the world where death and anguish are so prevailing that people are emotionally scarred for life.

Source: In Final Fantasy XI Valkurm Dunes (Shortened to "The Dunes") was an area where low level players went to experience their first in game parties. This was generally a learning experience because leveling in this area was so difficult. As a result it became a bit of a test for people to see if they could survive the rigors of the rest of the game. As a result of its Infamy any place, in a new game, with a similar theme of being a Low Level area with a high death rate is generally called "The Dunes"
Jimmie didn't make it out of The Dunes, he quit after dieing to Goblin's a few times.
by MidgardZolom December 14, 2010
An abondoned motocross course where low class highschool sudents go to party. Located in North Naples off of US 41. The place is completely covered with trash and is redneck trash on the weekends. A perfect example of environmental damage and of ambitionless persons.

Eligibility to pary there: Have the vocab of an eight year old(If you have a larger vocab no one will understand you), have to be considred ugly or unnatractive by 90 percent of the United States populous, at the lower end of society, and most importantly brain dead.
Party at the dunes!! Haha ewww dirty
by NaplesEagle2010 August 5, 2011
A place right outside of Naples, FL where everyone (mostly rednecks) go to get drunk, get high, and off road all night. There is a lake out there that has a rope swing and it is a lot of fun.

Need four wheel drive to get out there and don't bother going out there without weed and or a 24 pack of budlight otherwise you will not be welcome
Bro did you hear about that huge party at the dunes last night?!?!?!
by yeaboy94 August 1, 2011
The act of brutally penetrating a person's anus with immense speed leaving behind a sandy texture and a dusty haze. Duning originates from Mongolia and anything except Jigglypuff can be duned.
"If these filthy casuals keep talking shit, someone's in for a rough duning session"
by Feridon Hamidi March 1, 2019
A relative of the smoking term “snap”, a “dune” is used to refer to a full bowl of keef - due to its resemblance to the mound of very fine accumulated grains of sand.
“Yo you down to rip a quick dune before class”?
by Za EANY June 19, 2019
1. A mound of sand, usually found in a desert setting or near a beach.

2. The best science fiction novel ever written (by Frank Herbert). First published in 1965, and later made into a questionably decent film by director David Lynch.
1. The dunes shifted with the winds.

2. Arrakis, also known as Dune.
by Brainiac January 9, 2005
Best Sci-Fi book series ever.

The SciFi Channel mini series' were better than the Lynch movie, but still nothing in comparison to the books.
Dune pwns you.
by Letoishot September 4, 2003