To take a "W"; to win at something
"Did you hear? The Bulldogs took that dub today!" "Oh sweet! Bulldogs on that winning streak!"
by therealbarryb September 25, 2017
A shorthand term commonly used for the NBA franchise the Golden State Warriors. The name originated in the late 1990's and progressively became more popular as the fan base grew and became younger. It was originally coined due to the "W" in Warriors being pronounced as dub-a-you and it was shortened to simply dub for easier pronunciation.
Did you guys see the Dubs game last night?
The Dubs are looking good so far!
by biggi86 January 20, 2009
is when videos from other countries have been translated to english. Now when I say translated I mean that they have been completely changed to some crappy ass dialogue that seems to change the story by an extreme. Also when they cut off parts just because they might have to much gore. HELLO?!?! THAT'S THE FUN PART!!
Dude: I thought YuGiOh had a shit load more blood and gore.
Guy: Your right it does, IN JAPAN! It's just that you were watching the dubbed version.
by pit chik October 20, 2005
Noun - usually a person that is really lame

Verb - to grind with the opposite sex
N. = Person 1 : Yo , Jenny broke up with Steven today

Person 2 : So what ? Steven was a dub anyway

V. = Jamie wants to dub with that guy over there
by Serena Swagga September 20, 2010
To make a copy of an album or musical recording, usually onto a cassette.
In 1987, I dubbed a copy of Depeche Mode's "Some Great Reward" from the tape my friend lent me.
by escape_from_noise July 28, 2015
Short for AW, or attention whore: a person who must have attention and will do anything for it. A-dubs often post updates on social networking sites just to get comments. These are usually updates that try to get you to feel sorry for them. The word "a-dub" can be used as code in front of people who don't know about Urban Dictionary.
"Dude, that chick faked her death on facebook."
"Wow, what an a-dub."

"Hey, there's that a-dub I was talking about. She just can't get enough attention."
"Bro, that's my sister!"
by FalconMist January 18, 2010