a win. (dub=double-u)
Come on boys let’s take that dub
by maddss🤪 March 4, 2018
“Dub” is the first syllable in the letter “W” which is now slang for win.
The score was 29-6, we took the dub!
by Daddytickle December 3, 2017
that's not gonna happen, we're not doing that
"Ayye Keiana. You tryna hit up Chuck E. Cheese's tho?"

"Uhh...that's a dub."
by swaggtothemaxx August 19, 2011
(V) To talk to some one heavy one day and then completely ignore them the next making them question their existence.
Person 1: Wow, I thought me and him fucked with each other heavy but he's been dubbing me
Person 2: I told you he's a player, girl
by Carl Garret Ass Nigga January 31, 2015
A term typically used by people in New York.

It means to deny or reject something.
Person #1 - Bro, swing twenty dollars really quick.
Person #2 - That's a dub, go ask someone else.
by youchatting December 16, 2016
It means like you're whack or something is whack.

Shit dry, lame, corny, etc.
Yo nigga you a dub.

that's a dub!

This party is a dub!
by Jmilli May 28, 2012
To blow off or ignore someone or something.
(Usually someone who is hitting on you)
"Yo did Felicia hit you up last night?"
"Yeah, but i totally dubbed her!"
by science0fhumor May 13, 2015