Another Way of saying forget that.
Showing you disagree or not willing to do something.
#1. Let rob the store.
#2. Dub that!
by The imperial skateboard p April 26, 2021
Shorthand for Kenworth (whose abbreviation is KW), a brand of semi-truck/big rig
Jim bought himself a brand new K-dub the other day to replace his old truck.
by Russellsroughneck October 12, 2021
a janky hoe's ass.(see janky hoe); eraser shavings; bottle cap
"man check out that jubba dub"
"damn i cant write with all these jubba dubs on my paper"
"hey can you get this jubba dub off for me, its really tight."
by wildcardbitch April 29, 2009
Getting black out on Monday drinking Dupra Vodka.
Are you coming over for Dub-a-lub Monday?
by Red Drank December 7, 2007
You got some dubba dub in that pic...

You might be fat but at least you don't got no dubba dub.
by Doombi October 20, 2010
Jay stopped playing GTA to take a rub-a-dub dump
by JackNero December 13, 2017
A phrase created by football twitter to express that they agree with the statement you made.
PepeMagic : Pepe > Salah

Aubazette : I can’t comprehend the size of this dub
by NoncyJohnson May 29, 2020