A sex position. When you hang on the ceiling fan for a few seconds staring down at your lover, then quickly let go and mount up on top, all the while flapping your arms wildly.
Yeah, I heard Stone pulled The Dove last night.
by lolstatus April 07, 2011
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Me and my homies are going to the Dove to chill in the Center.
by funkyfrank August 24, 2021
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To be grifted, scammed by someone who uses affiliation with racing organizations and forum association to gain trust from those within the organizations in order to "con" or make empty promises.
He totally will screw you on the deal, you got Doved
by ablinken76 January 26, 2011
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Dove is the person that captivates your heart with a single glace. beautiful to no end. elegant like a empress. she's a forever beauty. the love in many people's life. no one is able to escape from the captivation of her eyes.
guy: that girl is so fine she must be a dove
Dove: how did you know my name is dove?
by SecretFanOFDove September 10, 2019
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Beauty, like a dove. The word to use if you're looking for more than 'lovely'.

Describing the Holy Spirit.
by fireburning May 10, 2010
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Giving "doves" to someone is a blessing of peace and love, usually accompanied by a peace sign.
This stems from the white dove, the bird of peace and love.
Jon: "See you later man!"
Sam: "Doves my brother!"
by DankBlowfish June 05, 2014
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Last night I took four Doves. I looked like I was chewing a bag of spanners.
by halvinpete February 27, 2004
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