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A sex move commonly performed by girls that involves pretending to be drunk and then performing any combination of regrettable and immoral acts with your closest friend or their significant other. This move is surprisingly and ironically used most commonly by girls by the name of Cindy therefor giving it the name. Acts include:

Consent to Violation
Donkey Punch of Betrayal (See Donkey Punch & Betrayal and find a way to combine the two)
Believable Psychosis during common "fucking" act.
Leading men on to believe you care about them when you would rather shit in your own mouth and kiss the president than even spend a minute of your time on them.
Self-Pity Mind Control

If the move is performed correctly, it should result in waking up the next day with every one of your friends hating you and usually ends in either a drastic change in lifestyle such as a name change or the joining of an armed force of some kind. Navy and Marines are the most common.

As for the Dominican part of the name, it derives itself from their cooking methods in which they crush certain ingredients in a wooden pot with a giant ore-like item, such as it would seem the girl performing this move would be doing to one or many's hearts.

Performing this sex move is a risky attempt at being thought of as either a genius or a complete bitch.
Example 1:

Guy 1: I thought we were friends man.

Guy 2: Well that's what happens when you let her give you The Dominican Cindy.

Example 2:

Girl Named Cindy: I really like you, we should go out again some time

Guy: I dont know... I'm a little scared you might perform The Dominican Cindy on me.

Girl named Cindy: ... *changes the subject* What do you think about the Navy?
by Amkoverboard January 24, 2011
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