The best sex doll ever. 15 dollars on amazon no problem it gives you the best sensation ever most plasticy thing ever and it feel amazing.
Damn that Judy doll really got me going last night
by NaughtyBitch December 24, 2017
A voodoo doll created to give someone the shits.
Question: Lord Jesus do you have voodoo doll of me to make me have the shits?
Answer: Yes, I call it a Doodoo Doll.
by DM Thompson June 13, 2022
A 1/3 scale, anime style bjd created by Danny Choo. The product introduces the Wabi-Sabi philisophy stating there is beauty in imperfection. The dolls are avalible in diverse skintones and they are made using the slush-casting mold, which naturally introduces imperfection and blemishes.
I plan to get a Smart Doll for Christmas.
by Sajonara17 November 17, 2020
Group of wanna be religious extremists. They believe high speed kit and shot timers make you gunfighters

Cringy Canadian reservists types who thinks Jesus loves terrorists
You hear about those war doll guys? Hahah who?

Yeah that’s what I though
by War Daddy Actual December 31, 2022
Occurs when one of the bros in your posse only attracts women who think he's gay.
Tina, I'm not going shoe shopping with you; what do I look like, your damn Bro-bie Doll?

Sarah only likes Ross because he's a Bro-bie Doll.
by Dogger Dog August 21, 2011
(1) Is a person who is everyone shit trying to straighten up their shit and not hers.

(2) Is a bitch that everyone loves (e.x Barbie)
"I heard she used to be a bitch doll" girl one said..girl two stared at her "poor thing hope she learnt being a bitch doll ain't a fun job"
"Oh my their she is" girl nine pointed to a really popular kid..girl one turned to her and said "she is a doll but she's a bitch, basically a bitch doll"
by Nina Boo January 2, 2019
Executing a complicated plan, only to realize an important component was omitted, leading to complete failure or unintended consequences
Gary and Wyatt planned to make homemade biscuits for breakfast, but they forgot to hook up the doll and ended up making crackers instead.
by January 20, 2021