A trendsetter specific to appearance, including but not exclusive to hair, clothing and footwear.
kanye west is one of the biggest style doctors of the 21st century.
by Scullso October 10, 2016
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Someone who is not only great at hitting huge loops but also puts mad spin on a ping pong ball. AKA Spin Doc, T. Pong Poo, T-Bag, SD, TPP, Spin Dr. TPP.
"Dude, have you seen Travis play ping pong? That guy's a serious Spin Doctor!"
by Sir Loops-A-Lot October 14, 2015
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A band that has a horse named Male Horse
I saw the Spin Doctors riding Male Horse at Korn’s concert
by SimDevoSlipknot March 27, 2020
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A doctor who works on the spirit part of your body.
For example imagine you unfortunately got hit by a train your body would go splat but your soul would be beside the material or maybe even disbanded around it until it the train was finished moving over that particular area of ground
At that point your soul would repiece and you would be gazing at yourself waiting for your elders to whom ever to come take you to your next zone.

Anyway that spirit is the part of your body that the spirit doctor would preform his practice on.

Although to you it would appear as if he was preforming his work on the vessel.
by Campbell Adam Rhys December 29, 2021
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A doctor that helps with all kinds of problems a person might have.
Thomas, you have so many issues you need to see the everything doctor.
by Dorkle3567 November 7, 2018
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a friend who helps with your worries and problem who refers to them self as a “therapist doctor thingy
friend1: i need help
friend2: i will be your therapist doctor thingy :)
by Spamalam038372884 November 27, 2020
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Trench doctor
by December 10, 2021
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