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By far the most disgusting district in the Cleveland Police Department. Formly known as the 5th District and now the 3rd District. The walls are falling apart and there are bullet holes in the garage from officers driving by hammered cranking off a few in hopes of hitting the commanders jaguar. Home of clown face the most prolific cop on the east side. The roll call room and bathrooms are covered withs large drawings of cocks and other slander. The night shift sergeant has been seen showering upstairs where reports of staph infection have been present. Althougth its the best place for a Cleveland cop to take a dump in connection with all the entertaining stories and drawings on the bathroom stalls. Its been said the dirty nickel is home to the worst supervisors in the history of Cleveland Police Department.
Chris: "Dude we graduated the academy were going to the dirty nickel!"

Ron: "Yea that place blows some dude out there has a huge cock they draw it on all the walls."

Chris: "Apparently he bangs virgin rookies with that huge cock."

Dirty Nickel
by The wild zone car June 22, 2011
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