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A scavenger hunt style game in which the players all put on blindfolds, loose ear-plugs, and strip down to their underwear and walk around the play area (home, office, school, etc.) Looking for certain items (these items are selected prior to the game starting). But the contestants are only allowed to touch things with their chest, crotch, gooch , and ass. All players must not talk to each other in words, If two or more players are on a team, they are unable to talk, they must mumble incoherent garble to each other. When one of the players thinks they have found something, they are allowed to pick it up and raise their blindfold to look at it. The game ends when all the items are found.
"Cassandra keeps beating me at The Dirty Hellen Keller! I guess she just has a more sensitive gooch than I do" "Hey boss, would you like to come over and join us for a good old Dirty Hellen? I promise this time I'll be a better team player! I've gotten better at incoherent speech"
by TheDongDiddler July 21, 2016
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