When a person who is supposed to be following the keto diet cheats and goes over their daily carb/sugar limit, their metabolic state goes from ketosis to cheatosis. Go take a dildo shit, motherfucker.
What's with the donuts, Bob? I thought you were on the keto diet.

Bob: Yeah well, now it's a cheato diet.
by Lârry Dângüs, esq. February 23, 2019
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Version of Kazaa that still gives you a hell of a lot of viruses and spyware even though it says it stops them.
Him: I downloaded diet Kazaa. It owns Limewire.
Her: You dumb shit.
by ATM101 April 24, 2006
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Restricting a penis for one wank a month.
Guy1: Have you wanked off at all this this month?

Guy2: Nah, I'm on that diet penis.
by TheJello November 27, 2017
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a common practice where the participants insist that the very best way to lose maximum weight is to sniff an 8-ball of coke and never eat anything. Most commonly used by juicebags, club go-ers & obese girls who all of a sudden want to get skinny fast after constant verbal torture through the years
"Hey you know that kid Barone......Man he lost alot of weight fast, his gentleman-friend told me he went on a dust diet for several weeks"
by Tony Dogzz May 09, 2008
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When a girl goes a period of time with jizz as her only intake / nourishment. Sometimes used as a very effective short-term method of weight loss, other times as part of domination & submission play. Rules vary; sometimes other drinks are allowed but rarely is any food permitted.
"She really pissed me off, so I gave her two days of the jizz diet."

"I made it four days on the jizz diet and lost five pounds."
by Michael Likesit June 14, 2006
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