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A teabag "new years style". The teabagger covers his ballbag with glitter, the teabagee lays on her back counting down from 10 while the teabagger slowly lowers his nuts towards her face (like the ball dropping in Times Square). When the countdown reaches zero, the ballbag makes contact with the face and the teabagee screams in celebration.

Also known as "The Times Square".
Carolyn loves The Dick Clarke more than the usual teabag because it's more exciting.
by CDouble January 07, 2007
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Also known as the Auld Lang Syne, this is when a guy: 1) dips his balls in glue, 2) dips his balls into a bowl of glitter, 3) counts down from 10, 4) drops his glitter-covered balls into a girl's mouth as he cries out "Happy New Year!"
I rang in the New Year by givin' this bitch The Dick Clark.
by Josiah Clevenger October 05, 2012
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the act of syncing the drop of the new years ball to dropping your balls into your significant other's mouth.
Hey are you coming to the new year's eve party", "No I am doing the Dick Clark with my girlfriend
by SoloZ/TomJ June 17, 2010
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