"The deer" represents a person that is being brutalized in either; verbal, sexual or physical form. Quite often Neuad has been known to be "the deer"

"The Deer" is always attacked by the Wolfpack
Before Ms.Evil knew it, the wolfpack had descended upon her. When they were done, she was clearly "The Deer"

Link to graphic example;
by Supremeone January 10, 2009
When you engage in the sexual act of putting a whole box of malted whoppers into another person's anus and have them fart the whoppers into your mouth like they're a deer shitting in the woods.
Yo you wont believe it, Becky let me do the deer to her last weekend!
by The Chuck finley January 8, 2020
The look you give as to impose the look on a deer's face in the headlights of an approaching vehicle.
This girl called me sexy, so I gave her the deer.
by SnakeEater100 July 27, 2008
a deer is a mammal that primarily lives in north america. they mainly eat sasquatch and aliens. 97% of the deer population is suicidal. their favourite way of suicide to to hop in front of cars. Every July 5th the remaining population get together and drink until they cant stand.
Jill, stop. the deer is already dead.
No! he's just drunk.
by Nickaliszious January 1, 2009
It is a animal that has horns on its head. It makes no noise and likes to run infront of cars.
Hunny, Watch out for the...Deer!
by Justin Willis May 9, 2005
a deer is a stupid animal that makes no noise and jumps in cars alot (beware the deer's brain shut off after a hour of thinking like a normal animal)
Shut up you deer!
by Sexy nonce January 31, 2020
An attractive young male in his early 20s and the main food source of a cougar.
Holy fucking shit, there is a luscious deer here in a beater, ripe for the kill.
by The cougs August 19, 2009