The birthplace of Hip-Hop in Kilkenny (Ireland).
Don't listen to anyone else.

"Not exactly Compton but not exactly Beverly Hills"
"We'll really show you how to do it South-East style,/ showing proper mannerisms of a DC child."
- Cal-So (Kilkenny MC)
by The Kaninez January 29, 2005
abbreviation for 'don't care'
when someone 'overshares' useless information....reply 'dc'
by statsman February 15, 2007
Another name for Nike Air Force Ones. Generally used in the Mid-Atlantic reigon of United States (Virginia, Maryland). Named after Derrick Coleman as he was one of the first NBA players to wear them on the court.
Man I like them DC's!! You get them from Military Circle Mall?
by WadeLknglass March 25, 2009
Fag: Hey click on this link
Bro: dc;dc
by yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee'd February 6, 2010
a modern phenomena that enables users of the hub to connect to other users on the same hub. typically, users of one hub are within walking distance from each other (as in a campus hub); therefore enabling the users to download materials at WHOPPING SPEEDS! A chatroom also exists for short distance cybersex.
Example 1:
Hey man, since i got on this campus, i downloaded 2600 songs off dc++.

Example 2:
Hey babe, whats your sn on dc++?
by The Lion Of Judda December 5, 2003
Hey man, what happen! I see you log out!
Yes, sorry. I got dc.
by xXluxorXx June 3, 2015
air force 1's it's a term used in southern va (virginia beach)
he has the all white dc's.
by courtney December 12, 2003