D i e is a word used in an online argument when a memer is up against someone on the high ground who has the highest chance of winning the argument. Then they will bring out the ultimate move. D I E, then they proceeded to dissappear forever
Person number one: -and thats my point on why boobs are better than ass

Person number two: D I E
by CYBERCOON December 10, 2020
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when a man is sucking a woman’s titties as he inserts his penis into her vagina giving her extreme pleasure as another man is giving her anal, their bodies form the shape of a W
oh yea Amanda, John, and Will are into that freaky stuff, did you hear the pulled a d wanda?
by swandog October 24, 2017
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When you’re mate runs away from your squad in fortnite and gets obnoxiously and brutally annihilated then has the audacity to complain that there squad are bad teammates for leaving them.
The crappy fortnite player: WHY TF DID YOU LEAVE ALONE TO DIE THERE FFS!?

Logical, good fortnite player: Mate, you were the one that McClarence-d.
by YABOI18 February 13, 2018
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Stuie D's is a fine eating establishment where people go if they want some stuing food. There best costumers are Ami and Manny who attend at lest 4 times a day. Stuie D's can also be known as Studobas and Quidobas.
Hey Manny, do you want to go to Stuie D's?

Sure Ami let me see if Martha and Stuart want to join.
by Stuart Martha November 19, 2010
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