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The Cun-isher is an anti-hero character who employs vigilante style punishment on all vaginas in his path. Master of Sex. Driven by the desire to copulate, he is making his way around the world; ferociously ripping cunts with Wolverine-style rage. He is without mercy, without remorse and without discrimination……no one is safe.

The Cun-isher is cunning and quick-witted. He will make you feel deep pleasure followed by searing pain. Once your senses have recovered, it’s too late…..your vagina resembles that of a crime scene and you’ve been ruined for all men.

His super power is a Keen detection of the vagina; with one lick he is able to detect:

• Ethnicity
• Menstrual Cycle
• Last Sexual Encounter
Last meal
Uterine Fibroids

The Cun-isher has been known to cause blindness in some victims. If you’ve come across this beast, you should seek help from a trained professional. Once the bleeding has stopped, some victims have been known to need vaginal reconstruction and years of therapy.

Woman Beware! He is hard to spot, frequents bars and goes by the name Neil.
I has sex with this guy last night, his penis was massive and he ripped my vagina like The Cun-isher.
by Cun-isher Victim e* December 04, 2011
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