That girl you use to put your spare cum that is too good for tissue paper but not quite good enough for a side chick.
Guy 1: Is that your side chick?
Guy 2: Nah that's just the cum dumpster.
Guy 1: Is she any good?
Guy 2: Eh it's better than PornHub.
by The Dankster Gangster March 23, 2017
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(Noun) A promiscuous person who has indiscriminate sexual relations with damn near everyone.
Nikki's girl was such the cum-dumpster, and yet the clueless, naive idiot revered her like a queen while most reamed her like the easy, sleazy ho she was.
by Nikki Stixx September 10, 2020
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A promiscuous woman who is not choosy about her sexual partners and who allows most or all men who she has sex with to cum inside of her without protection.
She sleeps with every guys she meets. She is such a cum dumpster.
by arkark November 6, 2011
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A receptacle for you and the rest of your town to put your ejected semen in. said recepticle is usually a slutty ho.
hey dude, I just got back from using the cum dumpster. I hope I didn't catch the itchy dick.
by whomper May 2, 2003
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A woman/girl who takes an exceptional amount of cum in every hole from pretty much any man who asks.
Emily is way to hot to be a cum dumpster but she let the entire sports team bust there loads in her so she totally is one now.
by Micheal O'neil January 14, 2016
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A very affectionate term of endearment, often used to describe a very thirsty woman who is often used by men only for her body (which usually is not very attractive); she is just a vessel in which men deposit their seminal discharge when they feel “in the mood”, hence the name “cum dumpster
Terry: Hey bro, did you hear that Angelo fucked Christie last night?

Bowie: Yeah bro, Christie’s a total cum dumpster. Angelo was just trying to get laid for the second time this week.

Terry: Oh, interesting. Thanks for explaining that to me, you’re a great friend Bowie.

Bowie: Thanks Terry, now stop calling me at 3am on a Saturday and go back to bed.

Terry: Oof.
by THE_00F_MAN November 18, 2019
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Any girl who takes loads of semen up her snatch, down the hatch, in her crack, and on her back. These chicks are down with the creampie be it anal or vaginal.
I have the crabs now because Alice is a promiscuous cum dumpster and I had sex with her.
by Shaun Melancon September 17, 2005
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