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A person stopped at a red light that slowly creeps forward little by little until he/she is over the line. The Creeper in an incredibly impatient person that believes they have super powers and can make the light change colors by will alone. The strange part of the creeper is that when the light does turn green they are slow to accelerate. Some believe that using their powers have drained them slowing their response time, further study is needed.
"Look at The Creeper drifting into the intersection"
by Fat Diction August 09, 2010
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Two in the stink, One in the pink.

A common variation of the term "Shocker". Commonly used among people with ass fetishes that prefer the fingers in the anus rather than the vagina.
Guy: Hey Girl, You heard of The Creeper?

Gal: No why?

Guy: You'll know soon enough.
by Guy Fawkes 66201 November 05, 2013
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A situation during the defecation process in which the individual defecating feels the feces within their digestive system. However, it refuses (or takes a long time) to exit via the anus, remaining in the system, and can exit the anus at any given moment thus the name 'The Creeper'.
Yo man I swear to God I sat on that fucking toilet for a good 15 minutes and my shit would not come out, I just went through The Creeper, shit got real in there.
by creeeperr March 29, 2014
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A balding cop with a red mustache who likes women with huge natural breast. The creeper also likes to sneak up on teengers in the act of sex in their cars.
The creeper slowly approached a car while a teenage female was giving a blow job.
by chopper13 March 14, 2009
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The act of rushing a shit. The person who did the rushing unkowlingly leaves the reminents of an unvacated shit in their colon thus causing them to become irritable, rude, and sometimes violent.
"Daves been acting like a real dick today"
"yeah tell me about it...he must have rushed his shit, and hes got the creeper.
by TaylorTime March 08, 2007
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