Man-sized crabs, of the female persuasion, often born out of a pact with some dark demon or wizard.
Oh my god, did you hear? She gave birth to she-crab man-twins!
by Noxluc November 16, 2010
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Mythical Part man, part-crab...possibly a man with crabs...scratches alot in private areas, obsessed with Chachi, acting like it's cracked-out, and makes a noise "geeee."

See also: James Smith (legend of the Man-Crab)
Man Crab: "Hey Sexy Dave...GEeeeeee." "I'm the best Wal-Mart unloader there ever was, boi!"

Dave: AHHHHHH! Man-Crab! Call Batman!
by nitz June 17, 2008
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A mystical and powerful half man, half crab monster that roams the American Midwest, searching for its prey. Looks like a young man with a pair of crab claws and sounds an awful lot like Dr. Zoidberg of the TV series, Futurama.
Human #1: Holy Tits! It's the Majestic Man-Crab!
MMC: Whoop whoop whoop whoop whoop!
by TotallynottheManCrab June 12, 2013
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An old folks tale in Ohio. The Crab man gets tweaked on meth and steals people's souls.
Be careful Timmy, stay away from meth or the Crab man will take your soul!
by Themethking September 25, 2018
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