Many small chunks of brown feces.
"Hey boss i need to take a break. I wont be gone long,i just have to go drop the Cosby Kids off at the pool real quick. I'll be right back."
by DirtyMoney907 February 08, 2010
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Poop, or turds. This phrase is used as an alternate term for referring to taking a dump.
"I don't think that burrito I had for lunch today is sitting well. I think I'm gonna have to head to the restroom and take Cosby's Kids for a swim."
by Potato Sack February 09, 2009
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Or simply The Cosbys, used as a euphemism for shit. Often in conjunction with a similar euphemism for toilet - the pool
by grasshoppers January 20, 2003
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can be used as a metaphor for shit while talking about deficating.
I had to drop the cosby kids off at the swimming pool.
by mike March 16, 2004
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1. When a man places his penis in the hand of an old woman suffering from parkinson's disease and the natural parkinson's movements of the woman's hand arouses the man's penis to the point of ejaculation.
"Good ol' cosby kids"
by diarrhea hard-on January 13, 2010
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