In leftist spaces, a time period marked by a massive political, social, and economic emancipation as a result of a crisis arising from the failures of capitalism. i.e. , a revolution.

Often preceding widespread abject poverty, increased socioeconomic inequality, an obscene accumulation of wealth by the rich due to their ownership of the means of production, a distrust in the current political process under which people live, and other social issues arising therein.

Although specifics vary, many among the left believe that a worldwide seizing of the means of production and overthrow of the capitalist system by the proletariat is inevitable and will ultimately lead to social, economic, and political emancipation for the working class throughout the world.

Popular examples of The Cool Zone include the August Revolution, the Cuban Revolution, the October Revolution, the February Revolution, the Spanish Revolution of 1936, the Zapatista uprising, among others.
The unemployment rate in the United States has just hit 30% while billionaires have made billions of dollars off of the crisis, and people are beginning to riot. We are entering The Cool Zone!
by Baldemoto May 31, 2020
A time in history where it's cool to learn about, but was total shit to live through.
"Have you seen the historical stuff that's been happening in the news recently?"
"Yep, we're definitely living in The Cool Zone, this shit sucks man."
by CYA59 May 30, 2020
A zone for people with 420 or 69 in their name, because they are badass. membership is very common among 12-year-old COD players who say they did your mom.
John 69: I did your Mom

you better stay away, this is a cool guy zone
by the zuck February 7, 2018