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Right wing, outdated, pathetic, racist (yes very much so fucking racist). An ode to Britains imperialistic, tyrannous past, who's supporters range from the very old, senile members of public, who still believe the Royal Family to be of importance, and also that queen does infact know of them and their life stories.... to the unintelligent, right-wing, moronic, privilledged youth of today who still believe that "the empire still exists, and is cool", who's private school-paying parents fund their privilledged lifestyles and anal buggery, and, who all in all, are soley responsible for stirring up hatred against illegal immigrants, trouble in northern Ireland and a barrier to a united Ireland, alienation from europe and the entire class system across the British Isles. Basicly, the Conservative party is the root of all of Britain's problems. I'm British, but sometimes, I am very very much ashamed. If you vote for the Conservative party, I fucking hate you.
The Conservative party believes in having an elite, which basicly means you have to be either a) Rich, or b) a cunt who's willing to sell his soul in order to be rich, in order to be in the 'elite'. The whole notion of conservatism sickens me. It is fundamentaly against the evolution of human society.
by the boy with common name April 30, 2008
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The best party in the world, should not just be the rulers of britain but of the world. FUCK THE SNP, FUCK LABOUR but not the lib dems cuz like they have a chance anyway!. and just to remind all u anti-monarchys the queen still owns this country
person a "the snp fucked my dog yesterday"
person b "not a surprise, the conservative party rule"
by The Queen's son October 04, 2008
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