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A special academic technique used primarily in science and math examinations. In the United States, partial credit is often awarded on these types of examinations for every little thing the student writes down, even if it results in the wrong answer. Sometimes a student can get half credit for a question simply by writing an equation down. "The Classic Dubois" is when a student enters a test with the end goal of trying to scrape together as much partial credit as possible, while not knowing anything about the actual material. This will usually result in the student just barely passing the exam on bullshit partial credit alone. A student attempting to perform "The Classic Dubois" has lost all hope in actually knowing the material, and is simply playing for as many points as he or she can cobble together.
Physics is too hard. I don't know any of this. I'm just going to try The Classic Dubois on tomorrow's exam and hope for the best.
by Falco64 December 15, 2016
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