A central for sexual activities, a place to gather and discuss sexual encounters.
We all go to The Circus on the weekend.
'I'm a Lion Tamer'
'I'm a Fire juggler'
'I'm a Ribbon Twirler'
by sailorcharlie June 28, 2012
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A Las Vegas hotel and casino on the northern end of the strip. Built in 1968, it was (and still is) geared mostly towards families with children. Known for having some of the cheapest hotel rooms on the strip. Various attractions at Circus Circus include Circus Acts, the Midway,and the Adventuredome, which is an indoor theme park. It is one of the older hotels on the strip, and it shows its age. Not as nice as say Caesars Palace, but still a very fun place to go. Could be renovated in 2006, or even demolished soon.
When you go to Las Vegas, what hotel do you stay in?
I stay at Circus Circus.
by Elvis Lives September 23, 2005
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the most pathetic excuse for a hotel in vegas. calls itself a family resort- hey guess what, it's still a casino. the carpet is dirty, the rooms are aging, the elevators are deathtraps, and the parking garage is ridiculous. the famous circus acts are a joke.
wow, i know that if i was going to stay in vegas, i would avoid circus circus
by Eye In The Sky June 23, 2006
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A Harleen.

A person who is a whole ass clown and is butthurt over every little thing and cannot take a fucking joke.
"Omg Harleen is a whole fucking circus"
by Thisbitchassthot August 29, 2019
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1. Usually an enormous striped tent sitting in the middle of nowhere that showcases clowns and other freakshow acts on a stage full of lions and other animals.
2. Murder Inc
"You's not them G's, you's a circus." - Obie Trice
by B-Drac September 29, 2003
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An event designed to horrify the young with grotesquely painted clowns, grunting animals, and cheap popcorn that stains teeth orange. Known worldwide to be an advanced technique of torture for those who are afraid of clowns.
"We will take you to the damn circus if you continue to act out, Jimmy."
"Sally went to the circus and was never the same again."
"Getting raped isn't as bad as getting raped by a Clown."
"Sammy and Jimmy went to the circus and were mauled by an elephant."
by Thomas W November 29, 2007
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