An unofficial name for the tumultuous events of 2020 and onward, coined by Conan O’Brian in a viral tweet responding to a restaurant’s sign stating that “There have been price increases to original menu due to the circumstances.”
Grandad, what were you doing in your 20s?”
“Well Timmy, that was during The Circumstances, and I was broke as fuck…”
by ragonkmasterp1 July 11, 2022
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The legendary graduation song that is traditionally hated by all bands and/or orchestras that are forced to play it for 30 some minutes as the graduates walk up the aisle. I'm shocked it isn't defined already.
Oh god, I don't think I can play Pomp and Circumstance one more time.

Hey, the first clarinet part for Pomp and Circumstance actually isn't that bad! I mean, hey, it'll still kill me, but at least it has some fun high notes, right?
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Your current state being less than optimal.
We're stranded on an uncharted island. This unfortunate circumstance is the result of our plane crashing into the ocean.
by Stumblers March 7, 2016
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A 'Bullshit Circumstance' is where two or more people have a bet between friends, usually on sports and if the outcome if that you lose, you have a right to call 'bullshit Circumstance' where is something INCREDIBLY unlucky or 'bullshit' happens. It is decided between unbiased judges (3 to 5).
Having a bet between friends on a horse race,
'Yes! My horse is about to win the race! WHAT?! Who the fuck just shot my horse?! 'You lost give me the money' 'FUCK THAT! I call 'Bullshit Circumstances'
by Eddy The Snake March 5, 2013
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The anthem which is played on graduation day/night for those who didn't meet the necessary academic standards for graduation, or in other words, for those who womped in school (to make use of the word coined by T.J. from the cartoon series, 'Recess')
(In the setting of a high school auditorium):

"Oh, they're playing 'womp and circumstance', Charlie should be processing out any second."
by Motieu August 12, 2011
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When two friends have sex, clearly acknowledging beforehand that they are transgressing friendship boundaries. This is a one-off affair, occuring under exceptional circustances. All in all, sketch.
Bernard to Andrea: "Right, I'll get a condom, but remember, this is under exsextional circumstances."
by NORAV March 2, 2009
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All the attention and flattery your loved ones give you to remind you that you're one badass bitch for graduating. Usually, complete with a sheet cake & champagne.
Becky was ready to take on the world after all the pomp & circumstance shown by her loved ones.
by TTBuyShoes May 26, 2020
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