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A devious take on an orthopaedic test by an unscrupulous thespian. The examiner will form a gun shape with his hands and ensure that the fingertips of the 2nd and 3rd phalanx are pointing towards the ceiling. The examiner then crouches and moves his hand slightly caudad to the patient's anal sphincter. The examiner then proceeds to give what can only be described as a violent prostate exam, whilst asking the patient to flex at the hip. A repeat of the test involving the contralateral hip will be offered, but for reasons unknown, it will nearly always be declined
Man 1: My sacroiliacs hurt so i tried The Chris Chip Sacroiliac Test with Chris Chip himself
Man 2: Was he any good?
Man 3: I don't want to talk about it
by VonClegg March 24, 2009
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