A long, thick cock that a broad chokes on while trying to suck (blow) it
MOCO gave Colleen the choker but she couldn't choke it down!
by MOCO & P-Phat May 29, 2008
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A choker is a tight fitting (usually lace) necklace worn as a fashion trend that started in the 90's and is reoccurring. It is symbolic of the "SUBMISSIVE collar" given by dominants to show possession, but in smaller less gaudy form. BDSM. Hence the term "choker".
She went to Rue 21 to find a choker that matched her outfit .
by ThinksWithMyHead January 24, 2017
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A word that described those who failed at the last minute, despite good at most of the time.

Commonly used to jeer sports like basketball, football, or wrestling.
Your basketball idol is a Choker.
by Kay Tutan Tayo December 1, 2018
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Someone who blows a seemingly insurmountable lead in any competitive endevour. A person or team that suffers a nervous collapse caused by pressure of winning.
by mark marshall December 5, 2004
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Something teen girls wear as part of their outfit, similar to a necklace but tighter
"Omg. Where did you get that choker? It's soooooo cute on you."
by xXxsoemobroxXx March 1, 2017
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Indicates you enjoy sucking dick. Normally worn by hoes.
That girl is wearing a choker, should I ask if she will suck my dick?
by Random Guy 47 October 1, 2016
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A person who pratices autoerotic asphyxiation or paraphilia, a practice where someone temporarily cuts off their own air supply by means of a ligature or some other sort of self-asphyxiation device during sex or masturbation.
by JonathanChance October 1, 2003
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