The male form when resembling the chiseled body of a Greek God.

A physique that looks to be chiseled from stone.
"Looks like you been hittin the gym brah?!"
"Yeah, you mirin' the chiz?"
by TheBigChiz August 13, 2013
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Chiz basically means shit or crap.
Beck: Your grandmother's been tweeting for you and you know it.

André: You don't know chiz.
by Wizard of oz October 09, 2014
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Substitute for S**t. Popularized by Sam on teen show iCarly
OMG it's dark outside
No chiz, Sherlock
by lolasplee September 25, 2010
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this word can be used in place of any "bad" word (ex; sh*t, f**k, a$$, douche, etc.) it can also just be thrown in randomly to any sentence, whether needed or not. It is the new universal bad word.
What the chiz are you doing?!
Eat Chiz..
Chiz off!
Well I was going to do it but I had all this other chiz going on!
You're just a chiz head!
What the chiz?!?!
by chiz head June 25, 2011
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An outrage or swindle. Officially ‘a chiz is a swiz or a swindle as any fule kno’ (from the Molesworth series of books about school life by Geoffrey Willans). As a result of this the phrase "as any fule kno" has entered use on its own, especially in the letters pages of the British satirical/investigative magazine "Private Eye".
"Two quid for a glass of tapwater? What a chiz!"

or, in the original style:

"O no monday double maths alg trig ect chiz chiz. Pythagoras is uterly wet and i suspekt he keeps dolies at home".
by Impervious Xenno April 20, 2009
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