The alternative student magazine of UCL Union, The Cheese Grater contains humour, satire, investigative pieces and the odd cartoon.
Sean got bored with working so he went and read The Cheese Grater.
by Alex Ashman December 5, 2007
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A "Cheese Grater" is someone of incredibly low inteligence. The term Cheese Grater comes from the belief that all inteligent people start with a base I.Q. Like cheese (you start with so much), and these imbeciles come along and shred every precious point from you; simmilarly to how one grates a cheese block.
Teacher: Melissa, explain to me the importance of Planck's Constant.

Melissa: What did you say? Are you talking to me? Cause, um like I'm in the middle of texting some important people , duh.

T: Melissa you stupid cheese grater, get out.

M: But I didn't do anything
by LetMyThoughtsBeMine March 23, 2016
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When a girl is giving you a blowjob and she uses too much teeth (or any teeth) so you moan a little because of the pain and so she thinks she is doing a good job and keeps going! But you don't want here to stop, so you let her keep going and keep moaning and the vicious cycle continues!
Man, last night I let some bogan bitch suck my cock and she put me through the cheese grater!
by davy_boy May 27, 2007
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A Mac Pro or Power Mac G5, so-called because the front of the computer has holes and a handle that make it look like a cheese grater.
by chonk cat January 18, 2013
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a bitch wit braces that gives head and cuts yo penis
Dun get wit that bitch, she's a cheese grater.
by e dog April 29, 2004
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a machine that destroys blocks of cheese in seconds
allan use a cheese grater to destroy the cheese.
by r3t1k0 February 24, 2021
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A method of masturbation involving the vigorous grating of ones tip with ones knucles
Mum - "why are your knuckles bleeding?"

Me - "it's from the cheese grater"
by Lord cheese 101 May 26, 2020
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