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Also known as "pulling the charlie" or just plainly "THE CHARLIE". It is when a man (or a possible tranny) are in a shower most likely, (can be pulled off anywhere though).
It is when you are masturbating, then promptly bend over and shove your own fist up your ass, while continuously masturbating, as this is going on, you are attempting to suck your own penis, making the fist go farther up the ass hole. Remember, it's not the charlie if you're not shoving the fist in, full fist, no "one finger, two finger" bull shit. Just, fuck no.
You: Dude! Daniel! Charlie pulled off The Charlie in a fucking airport last night!
Friend: NO FUCKING WAY! Are you serious?! I've been trying to pull that shit off for ages!
by Djjazzyjay January 20, 2011
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noun - greatest person in the world; crazy spazz; 'will own you' vocalist;
You just wish you could be THE CHARLIE

Dude, did you hear the girl singing? She was almost as good as THE CHARLIE
by heartneverknown5 November 30, 2008
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verb - the act of tackling a nearly impossible task; or feeling felt after such accomplishment.
"Getting those foam cushions back into the covers was THE CHARLIE!"
by kryssee February 09, 2010
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