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Austin: "I never see my girlfriend man, I need to get some pussy"
Gabe: "You can always join the champions club"
by Gabe Jones March 16, 2019
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A weird adult turn based rpg developed in flash that involves an adventurer facing against many weird fetishes. Made by Fenoxo.
I've played through corruption of champions and I gotta say I 've been raped by demons, goblins, cow men, dog morphs, tentacles, spider people, harpies, statues, sharks, slimes, foxes, lizards, witches, bugs, and tigers in one play through.
by Sir Napkin the Werewolf December 10, 2013
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a fucking daddy that will leave your legs quaking with every verse he has in a brockhampton song.
"wow, matt champion is an incredibly lyrcist!"
by angelspacebaby March 31, 2018
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radiates big dick energy
one of the finest men alive
goes off on all his verses
the ultimate sk8r boi
a king who respects women
cmon we all know he has a big dick
“Matt Champion is my favorite member of brockhampton
by lilspacegod July 11, 2018
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Tom Segura has been crowned Water Champion, beating his wife Christina mainly because of her inferior Yorkie sips.
by Bitchbooger November 11, 2016
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Breakfast of Champions is the daily morning ritual of having a few smokes and a couple cups of coffee getting your am fix of nicotine and caffeine. Then take a massive dumps on the porcelain throne, take a quick shower and ready to face your day properly.
Need my Breakfast of Champions to wake up and get my bowels moving so I can get out the door to earn my bacon.
by EightBall July 30, 2018
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A Caribbean slang term for a woman who can move her butt in a way that will get a man very aroused.
Man i was at the club dancing with a champion bubbler last night and she had me cock on hard
by aluvnit February 3, 2010
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