Someone who loves to wear a mask because they are so ugly.
Jeremy was a mask champion when he met the ladies.
by Hardly Q January 4, 2021
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he who is the true champion... only the true champion knows who is the true champion. Only candidates for true championship may compete for the true championship..

i.e. You are not the true champion because if you were you would not be looking up the definition.
Ian is not the true champion. Neither is Tim....
by Paul December 30, 2005
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The walk out of a college dorm with at least two more people. those present in the party must all be hung over and walking side by side. Limping or other injuries are optional, but make the walk much more memorable. The Walk of Champions is best achieved when walking to a known destination, usually a location that sells greasy breakfast hangover cure food.
We're not partying, we're preparing for our Walk of Champions tomorrow

Guy 1: Wow, those guys over there look like they went through hell and back. I wonder if they're ok.
Guy 2: Trust me, they're fine. They're taking the Walk of Champions right now.
by the Hungover March 26, 2011
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In the context of an online dating profile this means a guy with a thumb sized penis that masturbates constantly
by Lzeb October 3, 2019
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jontz is the 'Urban Scuttlebot World Champion' from the years 1900-2050+.

There is no doubt about it.
Someone: 'Who is the Urban Scuttlebot World Champion?'
Someone else: jontz is, duh.
by Ronald McDonald June 10, 2004
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