That one cousin in every family whom every elder family member loves and praises. It's that one little son of bitch that is seen as the smartest, most talented, has the best looks, and brightest future. Also, this person tends to be grandma's favorite and sucks up to her just for more attention.
"Being the champion cousin means I get extra presents"
by balletbitch101 September 12, 2014
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When an officer or superior in your chain of command plays constant pranks and/or continually harasses his/her inferior, making it difficult for said inferior to work or function properly. Named for the harassment one suffers under the rule of CPT Champion.
SPC Green was championed all day while he was trying to work in the aid station. He was very unproductive due to being championed so much.
by Green_Machine May 4, 2011
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When someone gets so drunk that a blood vessel in their eye bursts, causing the entire white of their eye to flood with blood.
Bro did you see Jamie?
Nah man what happened?
She got totally wasted last night and got champion eye!!
Holy crap! Can she even see anymore?
by Xtrasupernova December 6, 2016
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very well done, very good, top shelf, great, etc.
the pasta we ate for dinner last night was champion-good! it had a nice texture and a rich taste
by H-Dawg87 August 17, 2007
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A time early in the morning when successful people are awake, as to have more time to further their ambitions, whilst everyone else is asleep.
I need to be in bed soon, if I want to make the swim team I’ll need to be up at champion hours so better get to sleep now.
by MikeO’hearn December 12, 2017
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When one does an act of sheer goodness, does a good favour for another person.
You're picking us up from Birdie's? That's championism!
by Adam Poole September 20, 2003
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