WOOT!...that champion, he's sweating like nobody's biznaz.
by Daniel May 18, 2005
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To "Champion"

The act of downing extremely large whiskey shots with a friend, from glasses which were meant for more sophisticated alcohols, and dancing around afterwards, full of glee.
"Ah man! We totally championed that whiskey! Wanna do it again?"

"Sure thing..." *falls over*
by Roryg63 March 7, 2007
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One who tries hard but fails anyway. Someone who expected to succeed against impossible odds and failed.

Often used to tease a someone who has just failed.

He tried to outrun the police on a ten speed bike, what a champion.

What a champion.
by Dave221 September 4, 2005
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2006 Miami Heat - NBA Champions
Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat are the 2006 NBA Champions.
by dcf68 June 24, 2006
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Wlut 1 «How was he?»
Wlut 2 «Who?»
Wlut 1 «Well, Champion of course»
Wlut 2 «He gave me 9 Rounds»
by MIGOOOOS October 9, 2018
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A woman version of a player, although not defined as a slut. She is not a booty call she makes them.
Damn Jenny is such a champion, she has so many guys eating out of the palm of her hand.

Also used in Jay-Z song "Lost One"
by LindseyMcG September 16, 2008
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The New England Patriots won Super Bowl 38, thereby becoming champions of the NFL....again.
by Vincenzo February 4, 2004
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