A term describing people living in modern times with ancient knowledge but next-gen technologies.
Andre: To become a futuristic caveman, you have know the history of how video gaming came into existence.
by TRAVVIS December 28, 2017
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The upmost destructive insult ever made by man. Every time this word is said angels fall from above and the sun gets a mile closer to earth.
Frank- ur mom gay lol
Gary- ur caveman a gay man
Frank-*erased from existence and the earth gets hotter
by Darkman142 March 28, 2018
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The caveman is when a girl is dancing in a club and you're just gonna come up from behind and rub your pelvis against her ass, hope that something good is happening.
This approach rarely works on girls in a club.
Me: Dude, you saw the guy doing the caveman to that girl?
Homie: Ye, she was not amused and left the dancefloor. Cringe asf!
by Lil' Ox January 22, 2018
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