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It is when 10-20 guys perform a sexual act on a female. First soaking on the girl with urine. Then rubbing their dicks all over her until they finally ejaculate so she looks like a shiny car fresh out of a wash. Imitating the rinse wash and polish of a carwash.
My football buddies and I took a cheerleader into the locker room before the game to take her to The Carwash!

Brandon "hi"
Ryan "hey whats up"
Brandon "nmu"
Ryan "nm"
by cytcfy fucker September 04, 2008
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With your partner positioned on her back you straddle her head placing your hairy sack in her mouth, with the tip of your wang pointing towards her forehead. While your nads are being thoroughly soaked with her saliva, she jacks you off until you blow goo all over her face. Once her face is thoroughly covered you pull your bag out of her mouth and proceed to drag it across her jizz soaked mug....hence cleaning her face. Once your sack has been completely dragged over her face you lift off and fart, completeing the act of The Carwash with the no touch blow dry!!
I was Tea Bagging Janey last night and thoroughly surprised her when I turned it into The CarWash and ran like hell afterwards!!
by Flandar the Swift January 28, 2009
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The Car Wash involves two males and one female. The female gets on her knees and the males stand on the right and left side of her, with their erect penises pointing at her cheeks. The female then begins giving both males a handjob simultaneously, using "Turtle Wax" as a lubricant. She does this until both males reach climax, covering her cheeks in semen. Then, once both penises have reached a flaccid state, she spins them both in a helicopter like motion so that the penises slap her cheeks simulating the rotating cleaners in an automatic car wash.
Thanks to Brett and Dave many girls at Messiah College have received The Car Wash...and have been satisfied with the job!
by Brett and Dave September 06, 2007
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Post sex maneuver deriving from missionary position, where the male crawls forward and drags his flaccid and semi-moist penis up and over the females face slowly, and continues until it falls off the forehead toward the latter region of the head. A reverse after completion is preferred but optional.
After some creamy, grizzled sex, Raptor wanted to change the song on Itunes. While reaching for his computer, he crawled over Zumacrume, accidentally giving her 'the car wash'.
by JoshHjelt November 16, 2009
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