With your partner positioned on her back you straddle her head placing your hairy sack in her mouth, with the tip of your wang pointing towards her forehead. While your nads are being thoroughly soaked with her saliva, she jacks you off until you blow goo all over her face. Once her face is thoroughly covered you pull your bag out of her mouth and proceed to drag it across her jizz soaked mug....hence cleaning her face. Once your sack has been completely dragged over her face you lift off and fart, completeing the act of The Carwash with the no touch blow dry!!
I was Tea Bagging Janey last night and thoroughly surprised her when I turned it into The CarWash and ran like hell afterwards!!
by Flandar the Swift January 28, 2009
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When one takes his car and drives it into a tunnel, equipped with motorized and automatic machines such as brushes and sponges. Also, there are sprays in which soap comes out to help make the car cleaner. At the end of the "carwash" the car undergoes a drying process, making the car dry from all of the soap and water used earlier to make the car clean. The main purpose of a carwash is to make the car clean. Most car-drivers get a car wash every month or so. However, some people who love their car will get one every week.
John: Woah! That car of yours is very clean! What did you do it?
Pete: Last night, I brought it to get a carwash. It was quite satisfying.
by Mr. Timothy August 08, 2006
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When a group of men stand in a line with dicks hard and a grl runs back and forth letting the dicks smack her.
Shit Steve, Sergio and his boys ran the carwash on Tina yesterday.
by Iceman February 03, 2004
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a hardcore motorboat, a motorboat that would leave men awestruck and mind-blown
Sherri blew my mind with that carwash last night.
by APU & The Stooge January 28, 2012
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Unlike most of the entries here on Urban Dictionary, the true definition of what it is...A car wash is the place where people bring their cars in and get washed from all of the dirt that acclimates on it since they last had it washed. With the situation today with the "Conflict" in Iraq and the Economy being the way it is, a car wash is more of a luxury than it is as a necessity. It is also the place where I work on Saturdays and Sundays in the city. A carwash either has one, two, or all three types of carwashes - a U-Do-It (self-serve) car wash (where you wash the car yourself), a Touchless Automatic (where you sit in the car and heavy concentrated chemicals are applied to the outside of your car without any use of friction, or brushes), and a Full-Service car wash (which normally includes inside and outside detailing, with the usage of friction to get the car clean). It is common for most carwashes to use waxes on cars too, to give it that extra little shine that would take less time than to apply it by hand. It is also a place where a lot of confusion can come into play - like how some customers don't know how to work the change machine, or even know that Dollar Coins are legal U.S. currency. Weather is always on the negative side of the carwashing industry, as a rainy day can close up a carwash, since no one will want to get their car washed in the rain.
I like and dislike my carwash job, as the pay is decent, but it is a place where I face a lot of idiots who don't know how that the people detailing your car need to make a living, and that a $1.00 tip is nice, since they make minimum wage and can't go anywhere with that money alone.
by izcool September 25, 2006
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1. To be defeated or thrashed in a game of any sort.

2. To be outsmarted

3. Synonym for owned
You just got carwashed
by JakIsDead May 12, 2008
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when a person sits against a wall and a woman places one foot on said wall while standing in front of them and practically washes their face with her vaginal juices, clitoris, and orgasm liquids.
Mary gave John a carwash yesterday in the back of the house.

There's a nail sticking out of this wall, Lisa; can you carwash me somewhere else?
by WidowodadjiaN October 18, 2008
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