A simplistic rhythmic arm-swinging two-step dance made popular (if not created) by the character Carlton Banks from the T.V. show "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air." Originally danced to Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual."
Person 1: "Dood, do the Carlton! Do the Carlton, dood!"

Person 2 performs the Carlton

Person 1: "Dood! He's totally doing the Carlton, yo!"
by Bob-A January 8, 2009
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Carltoning. (verb) Where you run up to someone during a tom jones song and dance in front of them, typically like Carlton from Fresh Prince. adverb: Carltonable
"Chad and I are gonna go out Carltoning people at the bar tonight"
by Jay-TDE July 30, 2009
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a lovely guy, who generally cares about his friends.

he is good in bed and easy to please; but is not always faithful to his partners.

but damn, he is HOT.
carlton walks past..

by but.head78 August 20, 2010
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Carlton is a guy who really cares about his friends and will take a beating for them and from them. He is a shoulder to lean on and will never stab you in the back. He is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet and once he cares about you he'd do anything for you.
Carlton's besti: hey will you go get me food
Carlton: sure what ya want
Carlton's besti: Mc Donalds

Carlton: sure
by beautiful goddess April 6, 2015
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Taken from the character Carlton from Fresh Prince. A Black man that follows the steriotypes of a white man rather than black steriotypes.
by m-dubya March 7, 2005
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A Carlton is defined by his extreme generosity and ability to put his friends before himself. The invisible force of positiveness in every scenario imaginable.

A Carlton is an alter form of the word chauffeur. He usually provides premium class driving service to friends, with an intention to charge an expensive price but never succeeds.

Carlton can be annoying and destructive in imposing his philosopy on everything, mainly because they are truthful and helpful. Carlton spends time contemplating about life.

In a nutshell, Carlton would be better off offering himself the service he offers to the people around him.
Scenario A: A and B both have assignments on due within 3 hours. B asked A for help. A spend 2.5 hours writing B's assignment and rushed his own in half an hour.

A: Here is your assignment.
B: Thank you for being such a Carlton! I love you!

Scenario B:
Best person alive! WIN!

Scenario C:
Carlton stop telling to quit drugs!

by Chaka-chaka April 25, 2009
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Taken from the character Carlton from Fresh Prince. A Black man that follows the stereotypes of a white man rather than black steriotypes...

...a definition deemed totally acceptable to all but black males named Carlton with what can be deemed a middle class upbringing / outlook and therefore don't swagger around acting the nigger or faking an accent to help put others at ease with thier presence / mentality.
"you're actually called carlton." giggles,"Can you do the dance?"


by ttransfer February 11, 2008
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