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A sexual act where the following occurs: the guy sits on the toliet naked, his girl straddles on top and facing towards him while naked. The guy puts his dick inside the girl. Note the location of the female's ass hole is perfectly over the opening of the toliet made by the man spreading his legs slightly. While having sex, the guy and girl start shitting at the same time. The Care Bear!
Brad and Angelina were feeling raunchy after the buffet, they both looked at each other and just knew the time was right, Brad said to Angelina "are you thinking what I'm thinking", Angelina replied "if it rhymes with scare bear, then yes!?" They ripped of each others clothes, ran into the bathroom, where Brad plopped on the toliet, and Angelina straddled on top of him. Brad entered Angelina with nervous excitement, and then it happened. Brad and Angelina let loose, The Care Bear was born.
by expert level 10 March 08, 2012
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