In address to scrotum grip positions, "the bubblegum" is defined as a cockringed, underhanded grasp of the nuts and sack, however with balls nestled comfortably in the palm of the hand and thus out of sight. The excess scrotum skin overflowing from the round opening between the thumb and index finger in the "ok" or "agreement" hand signal make "the bubblegum".

The excess skin takes the semblance of a chewed piece of bubblegum. Often cited as a derivative of "the brain" and a distant relative to "the batwing"
"My homie snapchatted me a pic of his ass, so I rebutted with "the bubblegum"
by extrablend October 23, 2013
Drag Queen term that refers to the scrotum skin sliding out from the tape tuck. The ball itself is still up, but the sack skin slides out the side of the tape and looks like chewed up bubble gum. Willam Belli has mentioned bubblegum in both of his tucking videos (censored on YouTube and uncensored on Xtube).
Oh man, it is too fucking hot in here. If I keep sweating like this, I'm gonna have a severe case of bubblegum before I even lipsync.
by agentmonet June 23, 2015
we killed that bottle of three olive bubble and were so bubblegummed up it was insane
by billyp01 September 5, 2009
that bitches bubblegum is real juicy.
by ashmeg January 22, 2006
a fairly potent form of marijuana (cannibis sativa) that carries a slight aftertaste as of chewing gums
Damn, now that I'm fucked up this bubblegum tastes like some fucking Bazooka! But where's my free comic bitch?!
by brett rosenthal December 15, 2003
A genre of music from the late 60's to the early 70's that was aimed towards pre-teen audiences. Usually involved upbeat sounds, and superficial lyrics.
"Now I'm going to listen to my favorite bubblegum artist while eating my Wonder Bread!"
by Tzeentch February 16, 2005
The showing of one's scrotum to an unprepared victim by way of asking if he/she would like some bubblegum
Expecting a delicious piece of Bazooka bubblegum, Kory instead recieved the viewing of Jeff's hairy scrotal area.

Although Tannia didn't expect Steve's type of bubblegum, she accepted it ravenously and chewed to her heart's desire
by Steve Bright October 25, 2003