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A man of exemplary legendary origin, virtuously noble and humble. He who possesses a superhuman lebedo among other useful skills like operating a machine gun like a diligent surgeon. A well endowed lover and fighter. A brave soul who is not afraid to break jaws and rip throats. He makes women beg and angels weep. He gets up and gets down with the sickness (AKA The metal). Just a wicked chill dude who would share some beers with your grandmother and give the shirt off his back to anyone in need. Live life to the fullest(rest in peace Dimebag) and Go Broncos.
The Bruha abides. "Dude The Bruha saved my life while shredding up a wicked guitar solo". The way of The Bruha is the best way. His bruness got into a bruhaha but his dope backhand game resolved everything.
by B-run DMC October 23, 2016
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