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A Brotherhood ruled by the Grand Imperial Wizard and his Phallus Guard. The aim of the Brotherhood is to give assistance and share information between the fellow members concerning the conquering of the enemy to men, the Vagina. If a member, or members, successfully conquer a Vagina, they are instantly promoted to the next level of the Brotherhood. The lowest level, which all members start as, are known as "Knobs." The next highest level are known as "Troopers," and the level after that "Great Shlongs." The Final level that can be reached is the "Kaiser of Vag." Once members have reached this level, members can vote for them to reach the higher echelons. The three leaders of a sect, voted in by other members or given the post by the Grand Imperial Wizard, are known as the "Pink Cookie Crushers," (or the Crushers for short.) and oversee actions of the members of the sect and initiation. Only the Crushers have the power to initiate and ejaculate (kick out) members. The Phallus Guard, of which there are seven, have power over each and every sect and answer only to the Grand Imperial Wizard himself. The Wizard is voted in from the Phallus Guard by the Phallus Guard. In turn, the new member of the Phullus Guard is selected by the Phallus Guard from a Pink Cookie Crusher from any sect. Most men are already members, they just do not know it yet and thus are still Knobs. Only upon accepting the Grand Imperial Wizard as your leader, and helping other members, can you advance.
Person 1: "Hey dude, i wanna join the Brotherhood of Penis."
Person 2: "Go for it dude, that Vagina needs conquering!"
Person 1: "All hail the Grand Imperial Wizard! His cock and balls will guide us through the valley of the shadow of the vagina!"
by M_L April 14, 2008
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