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Unlike the Urban Dictionary's definition for 'Brock', The Brock is a male who is extremely unattractive, athletic, slowly balding, and tends to make people laugh. not the brightest, but worth getting to know.

He tends to throw his money around on entire bottles of alcohol at nightblubs, is known to wear pink Lacoste polo shirts, blue jeans, white belts with matching white shoes.

It is important to note that The Brock is a homosexual and, ironically enough, a homophobe. The Brock can be found in female strip clubs in an attempt to hide his tendancies as well as at many contact sporting events such as rugby
holy cow, that guy is The Brock....for sure. Just look at him

I am The Brock
by byron madison December 14, 2011
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(short for Brockway Hall) The loudest residence hall on the campus of Ripon College. Home of Sigma Chi and Lamda Delta Alpha.
Gonna go get fucked up over at the Brock tonite?
by VU December 13, 2003
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