Plural Noun

Military Slang

Used by common soldiers as an unspecific collective term for people of much higher rank. (the ones making the decisions)

Can also be applied to a police force.
To me, this whole operation seems useless, but if it's what the brass says, we have to do it.
by TheFreakinGrimReaper March 20, 2013
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To be skint or have a lack of money
I can't afford that dope, I'm brassed!
by Dolpho July 20, 2006
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Me and my brasse went out last night. My brasse is the best
by Afrikaaner12 May 26, 2010
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A prostitute,from the cockney slang BRASS NAIL,meaning TAIL,tail being a slang name for a prostitute
i need a shag,might go and get myself a Brass
by Dick nasty November 02, 2003
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I am pretty sure that the top comment is correct, it does mean prostitute in cockney rhyming slang but I read somewhere that it comes from people saying brass flute for prostitute which makes more sense to me then brass nail.
She's always got a cock in her mouth, she's a brass babe.
by Eavesy September 19, 2013
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An action of annoying consequence, either inflicted upon someone or upon oneself. Commonly used following the infliction or inflicting of defeat, or when you fail in an endeavor and are consequently embarrassed, or when you inflict bodily pain upon yourself or someone else. Most commonly used in the past tense.

Opposite of 'to rinse'
v. To brass.

1. That was jupp, I just got brassed.

2. Ow! I just brassed myself on that table.

3. That bre just got brassed.

4. Whoa, Ronaldo just completely brassed himself.

5. Jacques jumped off the roof of a nunnery and now he's brassed his foot.

6. I'm going to brass you at pro evo.
by Joedl February 15, 2008
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in a section of west london, this means bad, useless, crap
"That film was BRASS" or "you are BRASS at tennis"
by Jimmeh April 29, 2003
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