The boys is a brotherhood, and amazing thing, if you’re bored you can hop on Call of duty with the boys and have some fun, the boys are not limited to your friends anyone that is in the world renown group called “the boys” is a part of the brotherhood.
A - “I’m gonna get on Cod

B - “bet, lets get the boys
by Alt girl eliminator October 26, 2020
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A group of boys (more of a cult than a group) who mock and harass people for things like their sexuality, race, gender or religion. They always say horrible things about women and call them sluts and wonder why no one wants to date them. You’ll be able to spot them by the “Saturday’s Are For The Boysflag.
Girl 1: omg Josh is hot
Girl 2: no no he’s one of the boys you don’t want him
Girl 1: oh never mind I could never stand someone whose one of the boys
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by trinity.jay January 16, 2021
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A bunch of pubescent incel teen boys with to much pride on a social platform such at TikTok and Instagram calling everyone snowflakes because no one found their racist, homophobic and sexist joke funny.
Oh great “the boys” filled up this poor comment section with slurs and threats because they got butt hurt over someone making fun of their group.
by BiggieMilkies November 11, 2020
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A nickname that Indiana citizens call their up and coming pop star Zach Fisher. He stands out as he is very helpful, donates to charity, and helps the community whenever needed. Instead of calling him the man. They call him “The Boy” because he’s only 17. He sings and has small concerts at little venues.
by Zach fan July 17, 2020
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The boys are a group of male individuals that tell jokes, do cool stuff and make dumb fucking decisions.
During the month of November, if any boy decides to masturbate , he shall be executed.
If any boy is caught simping, he will be put in a high vigilance prison and be tortured.
“The boys are epic
-João Cavaca
by João Cavaca December 25, 2020
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Men who fought the plague of “alt” girls and snowflakes they are brave soldiers and they will rule the world, their only weakness is not getting kissed goodnight
Homie 1: wassup
Homie2: yo what’s good, tryna play with the boys later
Homie 1: sure
by Bruh god September 22, 2020
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