a retard who can't dance either while he is singing (concert) or when he is at a night club and he looks really funny.
man that guy is such a bouncer hahaha
by De_Guy_That_Knows_Words September 19, 2006
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like a homie hopper but with peoples father figures
Angus, Jacob, Jai, Sebb (with two bs) and Lachlan
angus is such a daddy bouncer, he’s practically closeted”
by uhmohno April 14, 2022
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When a masculine bouncer, bartender or ID check guy gets a little too absorbed in his power as gatekeeper. He'll refer to male customers mildly condescendingly as "buddy," and is overly eager to kick people out of the establishment, not necessarily for causing a scene in the bar so much as challenging his dominance.

Non-bouncers express bouncer syndrome when they try to break up other peoples' fights in bars or parties, usually when drunk.
Dude its not your fault you got kicked out, that guy had bouncer syndrome.
by ituzzip March 23, 2009
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The fat rolls on the back of some people's heads. The prescence of bouncer rolls means that a person can take a great amount of pain and you do not want to get them angry.
Smartass guy: I didn't want to fuck with that guy. He had bouncer rolls. He'd beat the shit out of me.
by The Lord Your Joe May 29, 2008
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Unrelenting, uncompromising, impatient Irish doorman, who will without hesitation, deny, intimidate, remove or physically injure any jamoke provoking such a reaction.
That RiRa Bouncer opened the door with my head, took my fake ID and is now dancing with my woman.
by Mr. Bouncer April 30, 2012
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