A Playstation 2 "classic" released in 2000 in Japan and 2001 elsewhere. Actually it's kinda shit but it's funny shit so it gets a pass. Josh is still wrong for liking it tho.
"Sion, a man hunted by a tragic past. Within him lies strength and kindness, but also a great sorrow. All this will change when he meets a girl named Dominique. These are the residents of Dog Street"

"THE BOUNCER!" (Bouncer voice)
by God of Medicrity May 13, 2022
A person who takes shots to the chin with testicles. Usually a man who would like to exert controller over another hence the bouncer analogy.
Look at that motherfucking chin bouncer forcing johnny to bang his face again.
by elephunk January 9, 2012
Slang term for big tits, big ass boobies, humongous globes, large breasts. Name is derived from when a broad with large melons is walking, her boobs bounce up and down like basketballs.
“Hey Timmy, get out of the well and check out the bouncers like Erika! I’d love her to dribble those like basketballs on my face!”
by BIG TEEPEE 12345678 September 10, 2022
that girl is such a bouncer she hops from dick to dick
by yourlingo January 25, 2017
Someone who bounces in a sexual sense.
Your mom's a real bouncer. She loves to bounce on my bed.
by The True Urban Dictionary September 6, 2021
The first successful type of Bug Daddy destined by Dr Suchong. Sports a large diver helmet, fits 8 lights on the front that can indicate mood. Yellow for neutral, green for hypnotized, and red for aggressive. They use A large drill and can ram you, while the elite bouncers have a large harpoon. Like all other big daddies, they protect the ADAM collecting little sisters.
Sinclair: Listen Sport, to get some ADAM you’re gonna need to kill that Bouncer.
by n_u_m_l_o_k September 30, 2020
A Bouncer is a military term for grenades, particularly fragmentation grenades.

However, its also used for various other thrown explosives.
"Bouncer! Bouncer! Displace!"
by SourceFroob November 1, 2019